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"Drums good, drums okay." x-post from /r/Bass

An explorer is deep in the jungle, in a corner of the earth never before seen by civilized man. Suddenly, he hears drums in the distance. He turns to his faithful native guide and asks what the drums mean.

"No worry, no worry," says the guide, "drums good, drums okay."

The explorer, trusting his guide, continues on through the jungle. The drums get louder and closer as darkness falls, and they set to make camp. "Are you sure this is safe, making camp with those drums so close by?" says the explorer.

"No worry, no worry," says the guide, "drums good, drums okay."

So they make a little fire, and eat something. The explorer is uneasy about sleeping, with that strange drumming nearby. He is about to ask his guide once again for reassurance, when, as suddenly as they began, the drums stop. The guide freezes, a look of terror on his face. "What? What is it?" whispers the explorer, "Is it bad that the drums stopped?"

"Drums good, drums okay," said the guide, "But drums stop, that bad. Very bad, what come next, if drums stop."

"What? Tell me! What is it that comes after the drums stop?!?"

"Bass solo."

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