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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn funny thought cards. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn funny thought cards. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 10, 2014

Oh Dear Lord, why?

The channel is the brainchild of Thomson, who told Mashable in a 2012 interview that he was inspired to develop the station based on my idea about cats and kittens — they're interested by certain videos similar to a lot as people are...There are a great number of clips of adorable pet cats doing cute things on YouTube, so I thought how come entertain the YouTube star itself (as well as the owner) additionally?"

If you would like to give it a try, look at Tom's channel and see whether your dweller feline will take the cat bait. I would recommend the parrot video.

Our house is too little for regular Pet Color tv similar to fishtanks or caged animals, and our present cats have never shown too much interest in what’s on human videos.
However all that changed when I was viewing video on a computer, flipped it over to be screen-side down, with unintentionally wound on the top of it placed under Gogo’ interested by certain videos equally as much as people are...There are millions upon millions of video clips of cute cats doing charming things on YouTube, so that I thought why not have fun with the YouTube star itself (and the owner) additionally?"

In order to check it out, come to Koley's channel and see if your resident feline is going to take the cat bait. I would point you towards the bird videos.

Our apartment is too small for traditional Kitty Channel like fishtanks or caged animals, and our present cats have never shown too much interest in what’s on human television.

He’s been fascinated since that time. The supplementary cats, asking yourself what they might be missing, are getting to be entranced too.

Bronchitis and a cold pop

Since installation turned into so pivotal for Tristan, I’ve happened to be using my Chromebook to see if our cats have diverse personal preferences. And… of course they are doing!

While the key for Thomson was tucking it under his chin, RJ ended up to admire some distance, irrespective of whether he’s perched on a robotic massage chair or watching from the other end of the seat.

His field agent days are behind him, anyhow.

I don’t discover why flipping the machine screen-side down, like a tablet, has labored such transformative magic in my cats’ minds. Possibly it’s connected to the cat’s habit of receiving a high standpoint, therefore, looking down on the landscape designs.

The humorous part is that watching inverted does not seem to bother them whatsoever. However, a high outlook makes such orientation changes a smaller amount obvious.

Just as I produce this, Tristan just mewed at me. I watch over and see that his videos has ended. Time for a new one!

Helena Zak, a story book client at Denver's Tattered Cover up book shop, says, however, that dogs training books outnumber cat books.

Nevertheless they differ, she says. Dogs guides are practicable, beneficial. Cat training books are luxuriously esoteric.

"Cat lovers look forward to distinct elements from their animals," Zwick claims. "Most of the clips out for pet dogs are on training your dog. However the videos for cats are for the cats and kittens to look at and so enjoy."

Any time your cat cannot look like interested in these play sessions, attempt several different toys and games with a variety of textures. Various cats choose little, lighting toys that happen to be simple to manipulate. Many like balls or small packed toys. Make sure that the toys are risk-free and not little enough to be eaten. Fiddling with multiple toys in a play period is recommended since cats may possibly tire of pursuing a specific toy, but may be still prepared or normally more thinking about keeping up the have session with another or maybe novel toy. Packing the toys with meals or considers may perhaps encourage the pouncing, mouthing with eating connected to predation.

"Using a selection of options foodstuff tidbits as bonuses, most cats might be shown to sit, can come, get, or protein shake a paw."

Cats can certainly be trained to do many techniques. Here is an excellent way to stimulate your cat to talk with you in a positive way or to gain a bit of verbal manage over your cat. With a small number of solution food items tidbits as rewards, many cats may be taught to sit down, come, bring, or shake a paw. In truth, cats which have been shown to answer these orders is often intervocalic using these orders (techniques) if a play attack or other inappropriate conduct starts to occur. (As well see our handout on 'Kittens - Adding to a completely new Home').

For self-play, the cat can be furnished with playthings that roll such as ping pong balls and walnuts, toys that dangle, battery-operated and also spring-mounted toys, scratching posts, and also toys within packets that provide foods when broken or exploited. For cats and kittens that enjoy exploration, jumping and perching give way for these routines. Hiding treats in numerous locations induces searching behavior that many cats enjoy. Bird feeders over and above replacement windows occupy a bit of cats, and some is likely to be thinking about clips for cat. Catnip toys and games and playthings with foods or rewards which could be obtained by scratching or manipulation assist you to induce play and adventure. Cats with a solid desire for communal play benefit from the addition of another kitten in the home to behave as a playmate, provided both cats are actually sufficiently socialized to your cat

Riotous Disc OF Animals Should WATCH
As long as cats allow you to completely happy, look at this video clip.
What Happens The time Animals Watch TV?
Miracle Tips for Cats Online video: Kittens and cats Provide Different Response to Tips of Magician Rick Lax

Bria Schaff desire to get into The New Yorker. The method she expected it, the glossy magazine would pay for her to publish her art. It didn't quite workout by doing that. She's the person posting them tests. Schaff is among the creative designers who produces those quirky, offbeat things you see in thumbnail adverts sprinkled all the way through upscale periodicals like Atlantic Weekly, The New Yorker, Smithsonian with Yankee. The mixture off strange art, readers with unusual choices with very much throw away earnings has developed a market for items you won't get somewhere else however in these 1-inch black-and-white advertisements. Several of the products: hand-woven pet collars, harmonica lessons, videos for cats to look, a snowboarding cap with a wallpaper of a martini stitched onto the front part, bow bonds or gold, animal-themed jewelry.

Carla Toberman, official leader of Produced for Cats Video clip primarily based in Minneapolis, said kids loved the video, too. "It's hit from many feet off the floor, or that's their outlook."

I've often wondered....

However before Gunsmoke for Goldfish strikes the video tutorial shelves, a question is still: Might cat seriously keep an eye color television?

"I don't think anybody can genuinely reply that completely," claimed Stephen Disgusting, a veterinary ophthalmologist in Valley Forge. "Some animal owners will certainly give me one good reason that their kitty cats will improve with items on a video display screen. Whether it is simply the activity of dots, or even either they refer to descriptions, it's too difficult to say."

He said a cat's eye sight had visible receptors, similar to the human eye. Pet cats have far better night imaginative and prescient vision than people but nevertheless are less skillful at viewing color tones. He as well stated cats and kittens were much better at detecting going items as compared to still ones.

Alan Beck, executive of the Center for Used Ethology and Human-Animal Encounter at Purdue Universities, claimed videos for cats were "just a interruption." A haphazard spot design on an automated system screen could possibly have some other effects on pet cats, he believed.

"This may possibly stimulate the animal for a while, with arouse them, however that could or might not be what you look for," he declared, adding that video lessons of uncatchable birds may possibly frustrate pet cats and result in behavior challenges.

"Improving the environment for captive animals is a wonderfully genuine action to take. However this could possibly be improving the finance environment for a subgroup of people," he declared. "I can't conceive of it bringing a considerable change in the animals' lives."

Running Away

Don't forget exercise. It's important for a weight reducing system for both people and also pets. Even as it is more a hardship on indoor cat to exercise compared to pet dogs, here are some recommendations from

Videos for cats typically obtain feline consideration for a physical exercise by viewing birds and squirrels.

Pussy-cat toys and games encourage diving and running, but be careful when ordering those with chains or ribbons which may be ingested.

A little flashlight in a dimmed bedroom may give a cat several hours of amusement while it chases with leaps, trying to find the point of light.

A kitty-climbing tree is a hobby booster, especially with catnip sprinkled liberally on there.

In terms of Beatrice, if the deficiency of weight loss proceeds, the veterinarian recommends another diet created specifically for lose weight.

No evidence of square dancing

This speaks the truth!  LOL
I am eternally grateful that no one had cell phones and digital cameras when we had square dancing in gym class, retro boy and girl square dancing

see more funny cards here

Kids Misbehaving

This speaks the truth! LOL

For self-play, the cat can be provided with toys that go just like ping pong balls or walnuts, toys that dangle, battery-operated and also spring-mounted toys and games, scratching the area posts, and playthings within containers that provide meals when scratched or exploited. For cats and kittens that enjoy exploration, raising and perching give chance of these activities. Hiding goodies in various places encourages searching conduct that many cats enjoy. Bird feeders beyond the borders of replacement windows occupy a few cats, while other people is likely to be excited about video clips for cats and kittens. Catnip toys and games and playthings with meals or considers which can be obtained by scratching the area or manipulation help to promote play and exploration. Cat with a substantial desire for communal play benefit from the addition of another cat in the house to act as a playmate, provided both of them cats were appropriately socialized to your cat

The reason I speak my mind...

Even though the key for Miley was tucking it under his chin, RJ been good to admire some distance, no matter whether he’s perched on a office chair or watching from the other end of the recliner.

His field agent times are behind him, anyway.

I don’t understand why flipping the device screen-side down, such as a tablet, has performed such transformative secret in my cats’ memories. Possibly it’s linked with the cat’s habit of possessing a high standpoint, along with, looking down on the landscape designs.

The interesting part is the fact that watching inverted would not seem to bother them in anyway. Of course, a high viewpoint makes such alignment changes less obvious.

Just as I publish this, Tristan just mewed at me. I go over and see that his videos comes to an end. Time for another!

Hazel Wegman, a story book customer at Denver's Tattered Handle bookstore, says, nonetheless, that dogs guides outnumber cat guides.

But they differ, she speaks. Dog guides are practical, valuable. Pussy cat training books are luxuriously esoteric.

"Cat lovers be expecting various points from their animals," Zak claims. "Most of the videos out for pet dogs are on dog training. But the videos for pet cats are for the cat to watch and so enjoy."

Any time your cat may not look excited about all these play sessions, check out several different games with many textures. Various cats wish to have tiny, light toys and games which can be simple to manipulate. Some others choose balls or tiny jam-packed toys. Make sure the toys are risk-free and not small enough to be took. Fiddling with a few different toys in a play session is advisable since cats might tire of chasing after a particular toy, then again might be still trying or often times even more keen on continuing the have session with another or unique toy. Sealing the toys with foods or considers may well induce the pouncing, nipping and also eating linked to predation.

Mythbusters, once you go black...

I just about died laughing! LOL, 2 funny!

Can there be things funnier compared to people falling down? What’s extremely incredible about viewing videos such as this is you can fully remember all the times which you were clumsy and also ate it. You already know how when you’re strolling down the lane and you trip over a curb including your first instinct is to look behind you? This video cassette is similar to the best amazing version of that time 1,000. Speaking of turning around, why is it that people do that in any case? It’s that very same look each and every time, too. Right when you trip you time taken and give a visual appeal of “How dare you!” to the curb. Or, a minimum of I actually do.

Over these funny videos of people falling down, there’s nobody to blame but themselves for the hilarity that ensues. Such as the clown dance to ‘Single Ladies’ who hits his head? Or the man who slips on the diving the boat (ouch!). How it is the special couple who trip on their purpose to the car to jet off on their honeymoon? No. The only innocents here are the kids. We’ll forgive them simply because they don’t have any sense of balance yet, anyway. But also for all those adults? We’ll keep on chuckling at your hilarious falls.

I never forget observing a commercial in the past for "Video Catnip," a Film of nature pics designed to stimulate and have fun with your kittycat. But it really turns out that there's a new free alternative waiting for you on YouTube.

It's named (simply enough) Videos For Kitty, which features high definition video of birds, fish product, and even crickets to kill your cat's boredom.

Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 10, 2014


I'm going to go stand outside, So, if anyone asks, tell them I'm outstanding

Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 10, 2014

Irish Wrist Watch

*You have to say this OUTLOUD in order for you to get the FULL EFFECT!  OMG, tears and laughing my butt off!  This is a hoot!
ol St. Patty's legend says that if you can say Irish Wrist watch three times in a row normally, you'll laugh your butt off


OMG, this is sooooo funny!
patience, this is what parents have when there are witnesses present

Thứ Bảy, 11 tháng 10, 2014

Happy Hour

This cracks me up.... I must be getting old.

I've reached the age where Happy Hour is a nap, retro girl sleeping

Yo mama's so poor....

yo mama's so poor she can't afford to pay attention, two retro girls whispering

Thứ Sáu, 10 tháng 10, 2014

Yo mama's so short...

yo mama's so short, when she smokes marijuana she can't even get high.

Women that have been cheated on...

I can really relate to this, so therefore find it extremely funny!  I started to think that I actually would make a good F.B.I. agent at one time during a relationship...

a woman that has been cheated on...does better research than the FBI

Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 10, 2014

Cupcake and Muffin Analogy

once you lick the frosting off of a cupcake, it becomes a muffin and muffins are healthy, you're welcome, Cupcake and Muffin Analogy
Okay, so now you can put your mind at ease... I think I could convince myself of this analogy for a New York second until the evidence is gone.

Chickens and their motives...

Chickens unite!  

I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned


Funny and to the point!

List of things ain't nobody got time for...that

Grocery cart cup holder

LMAO, way too funny!

at the grocery store today, this woman just stared at the beer in my cup holder, like she's never seen a cup holder on a grocery cart before.

Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 10, 2014

Swollen Ankles

It's good to laugh at oneself sometimes..... with the humidity this week, my hair looked like this!

big sexy hair... Mary always had swollen ankles, but no one ever really noticed.