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An ok dude dies and goes to heaven

Reaching the Pearly Gates, he sees Saint Peter, who stops him immediately. Saint Peter then says :

"Hey you, where do you think you're going ?"

"Inside", says the guy.

"Inside?" The Saint wonders. "Let me check my books for a while."

So, a couple minutes pass and he finally founds him.

"Hmm, I see. It appears that you are an ok dude, average, never done anything super bad or anything really good. So, to let you inside our fine establishment, you're gonna have to tell me a really nice thing you did that I might not know."

The guy thinks for a moment and says :

"Ok there Saint Peter, I'll tell you a story then. I was walking down a dark alley, when all of a sudden I saw about fifteen punks trying to rape a poor girl. It was awful. I sprinted all the way, and grabbed they heaviest thing I could find. I went to their leader and BLAM, I opened his head with this huge rock I found. I took 2 steps back and shouted to the others "Come on, you bastards!!! You either let her go or I'll finish you!!" "

Saint Peter amazed, his mouth open, says :

"Holy shit dude! You managed to take the other 14 punks all by yourself? How did we miss that? When did it happen?

"Oh well. About 5 minutes ago."

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