Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 8, 2015

These Are The Vine Stars Taking Over MTV's Account For The VMAs

A quick primer on the most famous people you may never have heard of.

MTV's Video Music Awards are tonight, and the network is trying something new. In addition to the Miley Cyrus-curated show, MTV is making a play for a young audience on another platform — Vine. MTV is using the six-second video network for a second screen experience, and Vine's biggest stars are being enlisted to make it happen. Among a certain set, Vine stars are the new Beatles. Or at least, One Direction. Yet for most people, they're completely famous and totally unknown. Here's who you'll see tonight.


A college student and Vine star — Lizzza, or Liza Koshy, has more than 2 million followers. Lizzza has already been taking over the MTV Vine account for the last few days with a bunch of pre-show stunts.

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