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This Is The Best Michael Jackson Tribute You'll Watch Today

Singer Jade Novah paid tribute to the King of Pop with a beautiful medley of his hits on what would have been his 57th birthday.

Today, Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, would've celebrated his 57th birthday.

Unfortunately, Jackson passed away in June of 2009.

Although he is gone, fans of the superstar still find ways to show their appreciation for his work.

Last week, the world was blown away by Jade Novah's impeccable impersonation of Beyoncé, and her jaw-dropping singing talent. But Novah is a huge fan of Jackson, too.

"Michael Jackson is a huge influence of mine! The way that he tells stories through his songs and visuals has inspired me to bring that storytelling element back to music!" Novah told BuzzFeed.

Along with her producer, Devin Johnson, Novah decided to honor MJ by doing a mash-up of her favorite songs by the late singer.

Novah included the hits "Smooth Criminal," "Thriller," "ABC," "Human Nature," "I'll Be There," and "Black or White" in her tribute.

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