Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 11, 2015

A Bulgarian, French and US soldier died and went to hell.

The devil was in a good mood so he offered them a deal:

I have two simple task for you. If you pass them I will let you go to heaven, if not - eternal damnation.

Having no other option, the soldiers agreed.

For the first task go away and bring back the weapon you defended your country with.

So the soldiers did.
The Bulgarian came back with a small gun and the French with a bazooka.

For the second task - shove them up your as and fire them once.

The Bulgarian shoved the little gun up his backside, pulled the trigger and instantly was granted wings and ascended to heaven. Seeing this, the Frenchman started pushing the bazooka in. As the devil watched, he saw that the soldier will push-cry-laugh, push-cry-laugh...

Why are you crying?

Asked the devil.

I'm in pain.
Then, why are you laughing?
Oh, don't mind me... The American is bringing a tank.

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