Thứ Tư, 31 tháng 8, 2016

A guy's phone rings in the gym

A guy is pushing through his usual workout routine in the gym when the phone goes off.


"Hi honey! I just saw that dress I wanted -- it's on sale for only $2,000! We can save almost 900 dollars! Can we get it, pleeeease?"

"Sure honey, anything you want."

"Oh my god, really? Thank you!!!! And the man at the Lexus dealership called and says he can give it to us for $90,000. What should I tell him?"

"Sure honey, sounds good. Make sure everything is included."

"Wow you mean it?! You're the best! Oh, and one more thing! They called about the house again, they are asking for $400,000."

"Tell them $380,000 and see what they say."

"Wow!! Okay!! Thank you sooooo much, I love you honey! I'll see you when I get home -- in our brand new Lexus~!"

"Sounds great. I love you too, honey. Talk to you later. Bye bye."

The man hangs up, finishes his set, and after a moment he stands up and says, "Does anyone know whose phone this is?"

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