Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 9, 2019

A blonde wants to travel abroad.

She parks her car in front of a bank near the airport and gets out with her trolleys. She then enters the bank and walks to the next teller.

Blonde: Hello, I want to get a loan for $1000,-

Teller: Very well. But I need a credit security in order to grant you that loan.

Blonde: How about my car? It is right in front of the bank entrance.

The teller takes a look through the glass door: Very well, this car is valuable enough.

The blonde and the teller exchange keys and loan. After that, the blonde walks off with her trolleys and gets to her airplane.

Two weeks later she returns to the bank with her trolleys and sees the teller she had received her loan from 2 weeks ago.

The blonde approaches the teller: Hello mister. I have taken a loan of $1000,- from you and I wish to return it today and get my car back.

Teller: Very well, I accept your payment of $1000,- with an additional $5,- as interest. If you pay off the total of $1005,- , then you will get your car keys back.

The blonde and the teller exchange the money for the car keys. Before the blonde walks off, the teller asks her one last question.

Teller: Excuse my curiosity, but why did you leave your car for security in exchange of that small amount of money?

The blonde smiles back: Because nowhere else you can park that close to an airport for just 5 bucks for two weeks.

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