Thứ Tư, 30 tháng 9, 2015

So this guy is driving down the street and sees a woman with some big ol titties!

He says to himself, "I must have those in my mouth!"

He told his driver to pull over and he told her he would give her a hundred dollars to let him bite her nipples...

She replied, "what! You're gross get away"

He then said "I'll give you a thousand dollars to let Me bite your nipple!"

"I told you to get away creep!" She said

"Final offer, I'll give you a MILLION dollars to let me bite your nipple!" He yelled

After a second of deliberation.... She reluctantly accepts.

They go to back alley and she takes off her top. The man starts rubbing her titties & sucking her nipples.

"Well aren't you gonna bite my nipple?!?!" She shouts

"Naw that cost too much"

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