Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 1, 2015

A man walks into a restaurant in Spain...

He sits down and orders his food. As he is waiting for his meal, a waiter walks by carrying a tray of food. The food smells so good that he immediately flags down another waiter and asks what it was that just passed him by. The waiter says, "ah Señor, those were the testicles of the bull that was slain at todays bullfights." The man, being a culinary adventurer, asks if he may also have this dish. "alas, es imposible," exclaims the waiter, "there is only one pair available per day." The man thanks the waiter, eats his food, and leaves. He comes back the next day, early, and requests the remains of the bullfight. The food comes and the man immediately eats it all. "How was it today, señor?" asks the same waiter as before. "Delicious!" exclaims the man,"I have but one question." "si?" inquires the waiter. "Everything was fine, but the portion today was so much smaller than yesterday. Why was that?" the man asks. The waiter replies, " Sometimes, señor, the bull wins."

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