Thứ Bảy, 27 tháng 7, 2019

A woman visits a florist to get some flowers for her mother.

As she's perusing, she notices the most gorgeous rose she's ever seen sitting next to the cashier, and inquires about it.

"Oh, sorry," the cashier replies. "That one's not for sale. You see, I got that as a gift from a fellow florist for hooking him up with a woman I met yesterday."

"Yesterday?!" she gasps. "How did they hit it off so quickly?"

"Well, he's a great listener, for one. He's a super sweet guy, and to top it off, he's got a 10 inch cock."

She blushes. "Sounds like a catch to me! Where can I find him?"

"He's just a block over, but he's also a little kooky. See, he only has sex with women named after flowers, so if I meet someone like that, I send them his way. Then, he sends me the flower as a thank you. Yesterday was Rose, and a week ago, I recommended a woman named Violet to him," he said, indicating a slightly wilted violet in a vase behind him.

The woman thanks him for the info and leaves the shop, a little bitter about her own name. But she visits the well-endowed florist anyway. She steps up to the counter and pointedly says, "I heard you're certain areas?"

He smirks. "What is your name?"

She pouts a little and says "Kris." His smile falters, and he sighs and shakes his head.

Kris's heart drops. "Well...then I'd like some flowers for my mother."

Suddenly, he brightens up again. "I think we can make this work." He takes her hand and locks the shop door.

Three hours of mind-altering sex later, she stumbles to the shop door and bids him goodbye with a kiss. "And please," he says, "tell your mother she is welcome to as many flowers from my shop as she would like." Taken aback, she promises to convey the message, and calls her mother that night to tell her everything.

The next day, Kris feels like a million bucks and swings by the original florist's shop.

"I just wanted to thank you for telling me about that gentleman! He was AMAZING!"

He smiles sheepishly. "I suppose I should thank you too. I just got another beautiful flower for recommending you to him."

"Really? What flower could he have possibly sent that was named after me?"

The florist sighs. "Chrysanthemum."

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