Chủ Nhật, 25 tháng 12, 2016

A Teacher asks the students..

"Is it possible to insert 2 holes through one hole?"

Nobody is able to answer

Teacher: "You guys are so stupid. Go and ask your parents and come back tomorrow with an answer."

The next day too, nobody is able to answer the question.

Teacher: "Well, it seems your parents are stupid as well. See the answer is so simple."

Then the teacher makes a circle using his thumb and index finger and keeps it in front of his nostrils.

Teacher: "See, it was so simple, yet nobody was able to answer."

The next day, a student comes up to the teacher and says, "Sir, my father has asked if it's possible to insert 7 holes through one hole?"

Teacher: "No, that's impossible."

Students: "It is possible, my father said."

Teacher : "How?"

Student: "Take a flute and shove it up your ass."

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