Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 7, 2017

Told by my friend years ago in high school [long] [nsfw]

Okay so let me start out by saying when telling this joke, you insert the name of the person you are telling it too. For this joke I will use the name John Johnson as it is the most generic name I can think of. Now for the joke.

Three men were standing in a bar, making small talk. The first guy says "guys my hands are so tiny, I must have the smallest hands in the world!"

The second guy, not wanting to be outdone, says "Well my feet are minuscule! I know I have the smallest feet in the world!"

The third guy, a little hesitant, says "guys... I think I have the smallest penis in the world."

They decide to make the trip together to the World Record Measuring studio.

The first guy goes in, and comes out with a certificate stating he has the smallest hands in the world. "See! I told you I had the smallest hands in the world!"

The second guy goes in, and he also comes out with a certificate. " I knew it! My feet are the smallest in the world!"

The third guy goes in, but does not come out with a certificate. Instead he yells "WHO THE FUCK IS JOHN JOHNSON?!"

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