Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 1, 2018

A marksman walks into a weapons store, looking to buy a new scope for his sniper riffle

The marksman tells the owner he wants the best one available

The owner shows him a piece and says "this one has a reach of over 1 km. That's so far, you can see crystal clear my house on the hill from here."

The marksman grabs the scope and looks in the direction the shop owner was pointing. Then he says "I'm impressed! I really can see your house from here! In fact, I even can tell that there are a man and a woman both naked on the balcony."

The shop owner, realising what was going on, says "Tell you what: You can keep this scope free of charge, if you shoot my wife in the head and that guy in the dick." And as he says it, he hands over two bullets to the marksman.

The marksman replies "I think I'll only need one, though."

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