Chủ Nhật, 28 tháng 1, 2018

Two liars went for a swim.

Now these two were a dad and his son. The dad climbed a boulder and proceeded to dive into the water. He got his foot stuck between some rocks and struggled to release his feet for around 2 minutes before swimming back to the surface.

Son: You were under for quite a while there. What happened?

Dad: Oh! I found a nice diner down there and decided to stop for a cup of coffee!

Son: Yeah right. I bet there's a Starbucks down there too.

Dad: I'm not kidding! Dive down and see it for yourself.

The son then proceeded to dive from the same boulder, but with better technique. Due to this, he reached the bottom with quite some speed and his head collided with a rock that causes it to bleed. Dizzy, he takes some time to recover, then swims back to the surface.

Dad: Jesus! Why is your head bleeding?!

Son: I've stopped by the diner that you mentioned for some coffee myself. The owner hit me on the head with a fucking rock because your cheap ass didn't pay for the coffee!!

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