Thứ Ba, 30 tháng 1, 2018

There was a man nicknamed Onestone

He was given that name as he only had one testicle. One day he was tired of everyone calling him that and he proclaimed that he would kill anyone who called him that from now on. Years went by, no one dared to call him onestone. However, a woman named Yellowbird forgot and called out to him shouting the dangerous name.

Onestone took her into the forest and made love to Yellowbird day and night until she died from exhaustion. Now word spread out that Onestone was serious about it.

Just a few weeks later, Yellowbird's cousin Bluebird approached Onestone and said his name out loud. Onestone then took Bluebird into the forest and made love to her day and night but she wouldn't die!

The moral of the story: You can't kill two birds with one stone.

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