Thứ Năm, 20 tháng 6, 2019

A guy walking on the beach finds a girl with no arms or legs... (NSFW)

He walks up and sees that she is crying, so he asks "hey why are you crying? Is everything okay?" Laying there in the sand she sobbingly says "I have no arms or legs. No one has found me attractive my entire life and I've never been kissed before." So this guy, being a nice guy decides "I'll help her out" and kisses her. But the crying doesnt end there. He asks again "hey, hey, what's wrong?" "All my life I've lived like this and I've never been fingered before" The guy was taken back, but with a sigh and a moment of thought he decides "I'll do this for her to make her stop crying and finally have this moment." Once he finished her off she was STILL crying! Frustrated, he stands up and asks "what the heck?! Why are you still crying?!" Through her sniffling she replies "No one has ever found me attractive and I've never been fucked before." So the guy picks her up, throws her into the ocean and yells "WELL YOURE FUCKED NOW!!"

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