Thứ Ba, 27 tháng 8, 2019

A blonde woman was getting tired of all the blonde jokes she heard, so she dyed her hair and set out to prove them wrong while “undercover”

She came across a huge heard of sheep and saw their shepherd.

“Hey! If I can correctly count all your sheep, can I have one?” she asked, eyeing a chance to prove blondes could at least do basic math.

The bored shepherd answered, “Yeah, sure”.

The blonde set about counting and came back a little later.


“I’ll be... that’s right!”

Proudly, the blonde took her prize and made to walk away. As she did, the shepherd made a grimace.

“Wait!” shouted the shepherd.

“What?” said the blonde and stopped.

“Your hair is dyed, right?”

Getting nervous, the blonde answered, “yeah?”.

“If I can guess your original hair colour, can I get my dog back?”

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