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Once there was a girl named Darling...

... had a particularly rough childhood because of her uncommon name. She always got a lot of teasing and abuse at school and hated her parents for the pain they inflicted on her. By the time she graduated school, however, she overcame her anger and embraced her unusual name finding it brought her some fame as a competitive soccer player.

Darling met and married a handsome veterinarian named Chorus who worked at an African wildlife reserve and, in time, they had a baby boy. Despite the hardships she endured, she demanded that the child also have a unique name but she didn’t want the boy to know it was her idea. She told the father that the boy’s name would be “Love” and that he had to pretend that it was his idea. He reluctantly agreed.

Darling’s soccer career flourished and Chorus became head of pachyderm health at the wildlife reserve. As Love grew, he endured the same ridicule and taunting that his mother did. Love’s father continued to cover for his wife's decision and argued that in time he would learn to appreciate his unique name.

One day, Chorus was at work preparing a tranquilizer gun to work on an elephant when Love burst into his office. Love raged about the misery his name had caused him but Chorus kept up the pretense that the name was his own idea. Love grabbed the tranquilizer gun and shot his father with one of the potent darts before fleeing.

Chorus struggled for life aware that the elephant tranquilizer would kill him in a few short minutes. Darling, returning from a soccer practice found her husband struggling on the floor in his last moments of consciousness. Rushing to him, she held him in her arms and asked what happened? With his last labored breath


Shot with a dart and you’re to blame, Darling.

You gave Love a bad name.

I played my part while you played your game.

You gave love a bad name.”

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