Thứ Ba, 27 tháng 8, 2019

My favorite joke clean joke for my cakeday.

A long time ago in a man from a small town became a train conductor. Unfortunately the man had a severe drinking problem that impacted his work and one day he managed to kill someone while drinking at work. After an investigation he was found guilty and sentenced to death by the electric chair.

For his last meal the man asked for a banana. After he ate the banana and gave his last words the executioner through the switch but nothing happened. Due to the laws in the small village since he was processed though the execution and lived he had to be set free.

He got his job back as a train conductor and the first day back on the job he caused two more fatalities. Again the investigation found him guilty and he was sentenced to death by electric chair.

This time for his last meal he asked for two bananas. He gave his last words and the the switch was thrown but still the man survived. Again he was free to go.

He goes back to work at the railroad and kills three people because of his drinking on the job. This time when the man was sentenced to death he asked for three bananas. The warden says no bananas this time, you must pay for your crimes. The executioner throws the switch and miraculously the man is still alive! The warden says to the man how did you survive this time, we gave you no bananas!

The man just replies it has nothing to do with bananas, I’m just a shitty conductor.

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