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An Australian, and Englishman, and a Japanese guy are shipwrecked...

An Australian, and Englishman, and a Japanese guy are shipwrecked after their cruiseship sank.

After they compose themselves, the Englishman takes charge of the situation.

He turns to the Australian: "alright chap, I think I shall go down the beach to search for food, shelter, supplies... you know, things that will keep all 3 of us alive until we are rescued."

"No worries." The Australian replies. "You go up the beach, I'll go down the beach and look for supplies."

They turn to the Japanese man.

The Australian says to him: "maybe you should head inland and look for supplies?"

He is met with a blank stare. After repeating himself, it becomes clear that the Japanese guy knows very little english.

It takes a lot of gesturing and yelling, but soon the Japanese man nods enthusiastically and runs inland to look for supplies. The other 2 men head off to also search.

Towards sundown, the Englishman and the Australian return with some supplies, but the Japanese man is nowhere to be seen. Worried, the two men head inland to look for him.

They walk for almost an hour, and begin to lose hope. Suddenly, they hear a rustle in the bushes... scared and curious, both men move closer to the noise... and out jumps the Japanese man, yelling "SUPPLIES!"

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