Thứ Hai, 28 tháng 8, 2017

Are you coming?

Teacher : What's wrong ? John: Our house is very small. My mum,my dad, we sleep on the same bed. Every night my dad asks, John are you sleeping ? Then I say No & then he slaps my face & gives me a Black eye" Teacher: Tonight when your dad asks again, keep dead quiet. don't answer. The following morning John comes back with a severe black eye again. Teacher: My goodness, Why the black eye again ? John: Dad asked me again, John are you sleeping ? I shut up & kept dead still.Then my dad and my mom started moving, you know, at the same time Mum was breathing like a Christmas chicken, kicking her legs up frantically and squealing like a Hyena on the bed. Then my dad asked my mum, Are you coming ? Mum said, Yes I'm coming, are you coming too ? Dad answered:- Yes. They don't usually go anywhere without me so I said, wait for me, I'm coming too.

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