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Little Johnny goes to a Whorehouse

Little Johnny, about 7 years old, is on his way to a whorehouse. Once he gets there, he goes to the Madame and speaks to her

Johnny: Hey there Missus. I would like a hooker, please

Madame: I'm sorry little boy. you look way too young to come here. What's your phone number? I think your parents should come pick you up.

Johnny: No ma'am. I want a hooker

Madame: I can't let you. you're way too young

So they start arguing for a few minutes until Johnny reaches into his pocket and grabs a fat wad of cash. The madame thinks about it for a few seconds and then relents.

Madame: OK fine. Let me get a lineup and you can pick out the one you want to have fun with

Johnny: Don't worry about that, I got it all figured out. I want a girl with diseases.

Madame: I have a girl with diseases, but i don't think you want her. Let me get a lineup and you can get one of my good girls

So they argue again for a few minutes until Johnny pulls out another, even larger wad of cash. The madame has to think about this a little longer but eventually relents

Madame: OK fine. I'll take you to Jenny's room and you can have fun with her

Johnny: Great. Thanks!

So Johnny goes to Jenny's room, does his thing and then comes down a few minutes later. Before he could leave, the madame stops him

Madame: Why were you so hell-bent on getting a girl with diseases?

Johnny: Well when I get home, mommy and daddy are going on a date night. The babysitter will come over, molest me and get the diseases.

When mommy and daddy get home, daddy will take the baby sitter home, fuck her and daddy will get the diseases

When daddy gets home, mommy and daddy are gonna fuck and mommy will get the diseases

Tomorrow, when daddy is at work, mommy will fuck the mailman and the mailman will get the diseases AND THAT MOTHER FUCKER RAN OVER MY PET TURTLE. HE'S GONNA GET WHAT'S COMING TO HIM

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