Thứ Bảy, 24 tháng 8, 2019

A fourth-generation prostitute goes home to her great-grandmother's house for a family dinner...

She begins complaining to her family about work. "Geeze! Men these days complain about paying $50 for a blowjob! It's hard work! I earn that money!"

Mom, who was a hooker in the 1980s laughs. "Fifty bucks!? You're complaining about that? When I was on the streets, we were lucky to get $20!"

Grandma giggles. "You two are both spoiled brats! Back in the 1950s, we took $5 for a blowey, and we were glad to get it!"

They all turn to great grandma, who's quietly knitting. Great grandma leans back in her rocking chair and says, "Gald-dang whipper-snappers! Back in my day, during the Great Depression, we was just happy to have something warm in our stomachs!"

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