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The milkman and the baker

There once was a milkman in a village. He was very shy but always very honest. He was always very meticulous about giving a person the exact amount of milk they wanted.

So you could imagine the milkman's surprise when he found a court summons waiting for him at his house.

He was very nervous as he had never brushed up against the law before. So, when the court day came, he put on his best suit, brushed his hair, and went on his way.

When he stepped into the court, he saw the baker in the plaintiff's bench. The milkman went into the defendant's bench and waited for the judge to speak.

"Baker, what is your complaint?" asked the judge.

"Well, here's the situation. Everyday I order a pound of milk. But, whenever I go to weigh it, it's always less than a pound. I want to be compensated for all of the money that was stolen from me by that filthy milkman!"

The judge turned to the milkman and asked, "Well, how do you plead?"

"Not guilty, your honor."

"Is it possible that your scale you use to weigh is not correct?" asked the judge.

"Well, your honor, I am not the richest man so I can't afford the most expensive scale. But I am positive that what I use is satisfactory."

The judge thought for a moment and then asked, "Is it possible that the stones you use as the counterbalance on the scale are slightly off?"

"I don't use stones." The milkman said plainly.

"So, what do you use?" The judge asked, exasperated.

"I use the pound of bread I get from the baker as the counterbalance."

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