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13 Underrated Pop Songs All '90s Kids Need To Hear

As chosen by Hannah Diamond, singer in the London future pop collective PC Music and a performer this month at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.

ATC - "All Around the World" (2000)

For me this was one of the biggest songs of the millennium! It reminds me of school discos and summer holidays in Spain, and it really doesn't matter that the lyrics don't make much sense cos…la la la la la la.

Kandi - "Don't Think I'm Not" (2000)

This song did pretty well at the time, but considering Kandi worked on the songwriting for TLC's "No Scrubs" and "Bills Bills Bills" for Destiny's Child — which were two of the biggest hits of the late '90's/early 00's — I feel like Kandi's own stuff deserves some more appreciation!

Blaque - "As If" (2000)

The film Bring It On has a soundtrack full of great and underrated pop songs, such as "U.G.L.Y." by Daphne and Celeste, but "As If" was my favorite on the soundtrack, and the fact that Blaque featured in the film made me like it even more.

Honeyz - "Finally Found" (1998)

"Finally Found" stood out from other girl band songs of the of time by offering a softer and more romantic take on relationships, which were otherwise mostly based on cussing out lame boyfriends for their infidelity and inability to pay phone bills, etc. Although these were things I was able to relate to as I got older, the comforting, heartfelt message of innocent love in "Finally Found" felt more familiar to me at age 6!

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