Thứ Sáu, 22 tháng 4, 2016

A new look for /r/jokes

We've hit 6 million subscribers, and so we'd like to roll out our new CSS! It was made by yours truly, and I'd like to thank /u/soul_shot and /u/tizorres for all their assistance

There have been a couple things added in the design:

  • A complete face lift: /r/jokes has a more modern look and feel.

  • Making it look like a comedy club. The bricks and glowing neon sign are examples of that.

  • Cleaner submit and comment pages as well as submission and comment views

Please note: if you find any bugs please let us know which OS and browser you are using, a screenshot would be preferred so we know exactly what you are referring to.

Right now, the below is on stuff I will be fixing and/or adding in a future update.

  • More robust RES Support, including a nightmode

  • Fixing that shifting logo

  • More consistent color scheme/fonts

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