Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 5, 2016

Seeing eye dogs.

A man with a German Shepherd goes into a pub and sits down at the bar. The bartender says "Sorry, you can't bring that dog in here." The man replies "But this is a seeing eye dog!" The bartender then says "Well, okay then, I guess it can stay".

After a while, the man and the German Shepherd get up to leave. As they're going out the door, another man with a Chihuahua is coming in. The first man says "The bartender won't like you bringing that dog in here, but just tell him it's a seeing eye dog and then it'll be okay". The second man looks dubiously at his tiny Chihuahua, thinks a few seconds, then thanks the first man and goes on in. The bartender says "Hey! You can't bring that Chihuahua in here!" The man stares straight ahead and exclaims "What? They sold me a Chihuahua?!"

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